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Pontex Investment Partners

Partner since 2023
Frans van der Harst, Thomas van Zanten, Franck Marra and Iris Hesselink

Pontex supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions by providing capital, expertise, and network. We add value in the strategic and financial challenges that fast-growing companies face and act as bridgebuilders in preparing entrepreneurs for the next phase of their companies.

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Nordian Capital Partners

Partner since 2014
Gregor Beusmans, Perry Bos and Joost Sars

We at Nordian are proud to be seen as an entrepreneurial investor that brings small/medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors together. With a hands-on approach we not only focus on achieving financial results, but also put professionalism, people development and sustainability on the top of our priority list.

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5CS Capital Partners

Partner since 2019
Sebastiaan de Koning, Charles Kotting and Pieter van Scherpenzeel

5CS is an independent and hands-on Dutch investor, providing their portfolio companies with the fundamental capitals required to take the next step forward, from funding to in-depth expertise. 5CS and her founders have a proven track record in successfully expanding and reaching the full potential of businesses in the Dutch SME space.

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Partner since 2017
Ernst Peeman and Phillip Smits

It is Blauwhoed’s ambition to make the Netherlands a healthier, happier and more prosperous place to live in. We cannot realize all this on our own; we’ll do so together.

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Primevest Capital Partners

Partner since 2018
Gilbert Boutier, Peter Helfrich, Bart Pierik and Gaston Hupkens

At Primevest Capital Partners, our vision is to help our clients to provide for their sustainable financial future by investing in the future of our cities in realising sustainable urban living, improving connectivity, and enabling mobility.

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Partner since 2018
Gert Bravenboer, Patrick Zanders, Jan Jaap van Donselaar, Pieter de Wit and Tom Milder

As Strong Root Capital we focus on investments in companies which face challenges, such as carve-outs and turnarounds. We assist those companies with both knowledge and capital, and our involvement is mainly practical, so that we can share responsibility for strategically important decisions.

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MaMa Pioneers

Partner since 2021
Marc Koehler, Edwin Oostmeijer, Andy Kloppenburg and Renz Millenaar

MaMa Pioneers – rooted in Amsterdam – designs, develops, builds, owns and operates a network of highly sustainable buildings that enable more sustainable and affordable living.

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Partner since 2011
Marko van der Vegt, Marion Drissen, Jan Jaap van Donselaar and Patrick Zanders

After the divestment of the insulation activities to Kingspan plc in 2011, Strong Root Capital acquired Unipol from CRH plc in 2012. After the acquisition, Strong Root Capital, together with CommonWealth and new management, transformed Unipol from a typical intercompany supplier into a market-oriented, efficient, flexible and independent EPS insulation producer.

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