Sebastiaan de Koning, Charles Kotting and Pieter van Scherpenzeel

CommonWealth / 5CS Capital Partners

Partner since 2019

5CS is an independent and hands-on Dutch investor, providing their portfolio companies with the fundamental capitals required to take the next step forward, from funding to in-depth expertise. 5CS and her founders have a proven track record in successfully expanding and reaching the full potential of businesses in the Dutch SME space. They actively support management teams and business owners in achieving their growth ambitions and thereby jointly creating value. Smart Investors: to financially enable the expected growth. Good Managers: to support growth with a sophisticated strategy. Pragmatic Operators: to realize progression in a pragmatic and decisive way.

When starting 5CS we had a strong preference to be backed by long-term entrepreneurial capital to execute the 5CS-strategy, which we ultimately found in the partnership with CommonWealth Investments. ‘Teaming future’ with CommonWealth Investments since 2019 has brought us both the capital for our investments as well as a great sounding board for our emerging investment team.  CommonWealth Investments brings a lot of business acumen and deal experience to the table. We appreciate the short communication lines and swift approval processes – a way of working which aligns well with the operational relationship we strive for with our management teams.  Most importantly we align and connect well on the long-term view of our investment journeys and have good and honest discussions in the meantime to create better and stronger companies. It is our ambition going forward to further intensify our working partnership with CommonWealth Investments in building great companies while creating value together. 

Sebastiaan de Koning
Charles Kotting
Pieter van Scherpenzeel