Marko van der Vegt, Marion Drissen, Jan Jaap van Donselaar and Patrick Zanders

CommonWealth / Unipol

Partner since 2011

After the divestment of the insulation activities to Kingspan plc in 2011, Strong Root Capital acquired Unipol from CRH plc in 2012. After the acquisition, Strong Root Capital, together with CommonWealth and new management, transformed Unipol from a typical intercompany supplier into a market-oriented, efficient, flexible and independent EPS insulation producer. One of the principal reasons we selected CommonWealth as our partner for this investment is that we share CommonWealth's dedication to forging solid partnerships. We work together with CommonWealth in several successful investments and we have always relied and build on their support even when things were getting more difficult and challenging, which is not uncommon in a turnaround situation. We believe that our aligned values facilitate the development of solutions that not only benefit Unipol but also encourage a more sustainable future for the construction industry and supporting the 2030 Climate Target Plan. In summary, we are enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership offers, and we eagerly anticipate working closely with CommonWealth to realise our mutual goals.

Marko van der Vegt
Marion Drissen
Jan Jaap van Donselaar
Patrick Zanders