Marc Koehler, Edwin Oostmeijer, Andy Kloppenburg and Renz Millenaar

CommonWealth / MaMa Pioneers

Partner since 2021

MaMa Pioneers - rooted in Amsterdam - designs, develops, builds, owns and operates a network of highly sustainable buildings that enable more sustainable and affordable living. Together with the expertise, experience, network and a decades long proven track record of investing in real estate by CommonWealth, MaMa Pioneers wants to create social cohesion by bringing together an off- and online community through shared innovative facilities and services. Through vertical chain integration of design, construction, financing, investing and management, we are able to create lasting partnerships and long term sustainable value between our tenants, other stakeholders and the planet. MaMa Pioneers is a residential brand, we have our first building under construction and currently two more in development. Our brand can evolve, grow and adapt swiftly to new residential or mixed use real estate trends. With the commitment and collaboration of CommonWealth, MaMa Pioneers has great ambitions for (inter)national expansion. We would like people to come home, we would like people to come to MaMa.  

Marc Koehler
Edwin Oostmeijer
Andy Kloppenburg
Renz Millenaar