Frans van der Harst, Thomas van Zanten, Franck Marra and Iris Hesselink

CommonWealth / Pontex Investment Partners

Partner since 2023

Pontex supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions by providing capital, expertise, and network. As a minority shareholder, we believe in true partnership. We add value in the strategic and financial challenges that fast-growing companies face and act as bridgebuilders in preparing entrepreneurs for the next phase of their companies. Pontex invests in Dutch mid-market companies in two types of situations: both in cases where capital is required to fuel further growth, as well as in scenarios involving transfer of ownership, or a combination thereof.

In CommonWealth Investments, we found a cornerstone investor who operates with the same partnership mindset as we do, as they demonstrated throughout our complex carve-out process from NIBC Bank into Pontex Investment Partners. Furthermore, they are of great value in further developing and building Pontex Investment Partners as an independent respected investment fund manager. CommonWealth Investments brings significant advantages as a partner as they can tap into a wealth of experience and an extensive network. They understand the dynamics of partnering with management teams and co-shareholders, which helps to have constructive discussions and make the right decisions. We are excited to see where this great partnership will lead us in the future.

Frans van der Harst
Thomas van Zanten
Franck Marra
Iris Hesselink